4 billion

every month

Millions of interested
players all over the world.

targeted actions
every month performed by
the attracted players





targeted actions
every month performed by
the attracted players

our services

we are

We are the team of professionals in the game advertising business, who simply adore their job!

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and Passion

We believe these are the fundamental
towards success.

In close collaboration we inspire our clients and guide
them towards correct decision-making.
In addition we are more than happy to demonstrate that even
the wildest advertising expectations can be met.

The Way
we work

Primarily we are searching for business expansion options
and the ways to increase profits of our clients.

Contact us and we will:

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of the product
  • Offer the variants of effective promotion
    of the product
  • Perform an advertising campaign
  • Analyze the results of the campaign
  • Point in the direction to move next
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Our Clients' Success Is
Our Mission!


You have a potentially
successful game?

We can let millions of players around
the world know about it.

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You have grandiose

We are ready to take on
their realization and lead you
to the best result.

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No desire to stop
at the achieved?

We will help you find new
ways of growth and sources
of income.

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We provide a full range of marketing services and are ready to develop a unique range of advertising measures
to achieve the best results. The growth of our clients’ business, increase of their income, victory over the rivals
and a motivation to move forward — these are the goals we define for ourselves.

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